Chuseok 2021 doodles from Naver, Daum, Nate, Google

Just because I always think these doodles are cute and they often disappear after the holiday, here is a snapshot of today's commemorative logo doodles from the Korean portals celebrating Chuseok 2021.

Please note that some of these doodles may appear to have a colored background on my blog due to my blog's settings. The pictures themselves have a transparent background.

Naver doodle

As usual for major holidays, Naver included a series of specially commissioned doodles from a local artist. This year's full set of Chuseok themed doodles can be found here: '추석' 로고 작업 이야기 - 이미경작가. This year's doodles were by artist Lee Mikyung whose portfolio on Instagram is at @mikyung__lee

Most of the following doodles feature colorful rice cakes flavored/colored with various traditional ingredients, called Songpyeon.

Daum doodles

Nate doodles

Google doodles

Sharable at this link:

Kakao also has a few specialized Kakao Friends mini greeting cards you can send via KakaoTalk (or any other way really) for this Chuseok holiday. See more about that here: