Korean McDonalds advert: Detective "Snack Holmes"

Today let's look at a mildly amusing advertisement campaign from McDonalds in South Korea. It features actor comedian Jo Se-ho (조세호) as a Sherlock Holmes parody character called "Snack Holmes" (스낵홈즈) and promotes McDonalds lunchtime "Happy Snack" menu items.  

"Found it! Happy Snack discount promotion!" Image: McDonalds Korea

The commercial - Snack Holmes 스낵홈즈

The short advertisement starts with an intro of Mr Holmes looking dapper.

Then we move to a shot of an office at lunch time. The workers are mysteriously not at their desks. Where could they be? 

We see surveillance video of the office, and no one seems to be working. The rooms and desks are empty. Where could the workers be? This is highly unusual. This is Korea, after all. 

But in the security room, we've got Snack Holmes on the case. He notices this problem and is about to investigate. 

He arrives between the golden arches, magnifying glass in hand and what passes for the closet thing to a deerstalker hat in Korea, the classic cabbie cap. 

Bingo. Rather than sitting at their desks working through lunch time while drinking a protein shake or something, these coworkers are actually out, at McDonalds, eating lunch together. 

And no wonder. Look at those cheap prices! Not only have the workers been found, but great discounts on lunch items have been found too!

Snack Holmes stamps this case closed, while shoving a snack wrap into his own mouth. At these prices, you'd be crazy not to. 

Just look at all these Happy Snack items on sale right now! Elementary, my dear eater. 

Watch it yourself here:


Other episodes?

You may have noticed that this one has the label "Ep. 1" on it, suggesting there are other episodes in this series. Well, maybe you will have better luck, but I hardly found anything like that. There are a few other quick spots (~5 seconds) that feature the character but mostly do a quick highlight of the price and the food. 

The only one I've seen that could resemble a next installment was this quick one promoting churros being added to the Happy Snack lunchtime specials. 

"You won't be able to escape..."

"... the delicious flavor of our churros!"

Considering that these came out in March 2021, it seems like we may not get to enjoy the further adventures of Snack Holmes. 

Who is this actor, Jo Se-ho?

Ok so the commercial isn't anything special. I just thought readers might get a kick out of seeing a Korean comedian's take on Sherlock. 

The star is actor Jo Se-ho (조세호) who previously was a fairly mediocre rate comedian. He was more known by his nickname "Yang Baechu (양배추)" which means cabbage, based on his hair style.

Image: Google search screenshot

But he was touched by the magic star-making fingers of Korea's #1 entertainer, Yoo Jae-suk, who invited him to cohost the popular social talk show "You Quiz on the Block" (유 퀴즈 온 더 블럭), commonly known simply as 유퀴즈. 

Image: tvN

Thanks to this opportunity, not to mention some pretty impressive weight loss, Jo is enjoying a small personal renaissance. Good!

And before you ask, no, I would never be caught dead eating these crappy McDonalds "Happy Snack" items. I don't skimp and save on tiny items like this. Give me the full sized 1955® Burger Meal set every time. With a decaf coffee. I'm trying to watch my health.