Friday, May 15, 2015

Korea on Google Earth Engine

Over on Google Earth Engine, you can watch the timelapse progression of Google's satellite imagery at specific locations. Their data for this area of Korea seems to go back to 1984.

Here is one I find quite interesting. Watch Yeongjongdo (영종도, the island that holds Incheon International Airport) and Songdo rise from the sea as the satellite images catch stages of the land reclamation development.

If the embedded map above doesn't work, you can use this direct link:,126.55979,8.664,latLng&t=0.08

Another interesting one is the growth of Jeju City on Korea's resort island of Jeju:,126.52171,10.771,latLng&t=1.78

Fun to browse around other areas of Korea too, though of course this satellite imagery isn't quite as good as that from Naver which I highlighted before.

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