Sunday, December 27, 2015

Top Naver searches in Korea, 2015

Naver has released their year-end review of top searches (2015 검색어 결산). As I did with Google's year-end Korea list and Facebok's year-end Korea list, I've translated them all for you, and included some brief commentary to catch you up. As always, commentary is based on the pooled knowledge of me, my friends, and my coworkers, so if you notice any errors, please let me know.

These come straight from Naver, so they're likely a more accurate picture of what Koreans were really searching this year than with the Google results. Of course, take that with a grain of salt, as Naver does have a bit of a history with editorially choosing topics to 'disappear'. Thus you'll notice no mentions here of anything of a political nature. But you're not here for politics. You're here for end-of-the-year listicle fun!

So just sit back, relax, and let's review Korea's 2015 together. Enjoy.

Top Naver Searches for 2015

(Note: If an entry appears on more than one list, I've just asterisked [*] any entries beyond the first one so as not to repeat the same information again and again.)

Source: Naver

2015 전년대비 상승 검색어 - Overall Hottest Searches 2015

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Top Google searches in Korea, 2015

It's that time of year. Google Trends has released their top search lists for 2015, and the results are divided up by country and topic. You can see them in Korean here, but I've gone ahead and translated them for you with a tiny bit of personal commentary. Everything I've written has come from either my own knowledge or that of my friends and coworkers, so if you do notice any errors, please let me know. Also, remember that Naver dominates "real" Korean internet searches, so take these Google results with a grain of salt. See my other post for the corresponding Naver top searches for 2015 and also Facebook's top 10 in Korea for 2015.

Now sit back, relax, and let's review Korea's 2015 together. Enjoy.

Top Google Searches in Korea, 2015

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Using Google in Korea? You're probably a criminal.

The Korea Times wants to warn you about all sorts of dangers that come from using Google as your default search engine. Clearly if you are Googling instead of Navering, you're up to no good.

Capitalization by me, to make it funnier.

...A 28-year-old suspect, surnamed Choi, who has been arrested for allegedly having recorded videos of more than 100 naked women in water park shower rooms, said she used a subminiature camera imported from Taiwan for the job [...] And this is just one of many options available online.
A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH can give anyone access to a slew of cameras that look like normal everyday items such as pens, car keys, lighters, watches and glasses among others.

Korea Times | Small cameras are watching you

...Song and Park said they traded meth online, using someone else’s phone numbers and bank accounts. They said they learned how to make the drug from foreign websites, over which Korean law enforcement has no control. In fact, such information can be easily found with A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH.

Korea Times | Men arrested for allegedly making and selling meth

...In the wrong hands, these records could offer one-stop shopping for identity theft. The two companies acknowledged that records for 343 people were accessed by unknown and potentially unauthorized individuals.
Finding the exposed information hardly required computer skill of a high order. Scripps found the records through A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH

Korea Times | Lifeline could be direct line to identity theft

...It is not just one or two websites. Potential buyers here can also purchase marijuana from overseas sellers directly and get it delivered with A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH for "no prescription marijuana" or "marijuana delivery to South Korea." Moreover, there is abundant information about how to grow marijuana on various websites. As some drugs are legal in some countries, such information is generated legally, but people spread it to places where it is not legal, such as Korea.

Korea Times | Is Korea becoming a pot haven?

...In fact, with A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH for "no prescription marijuana" or "marijuana delivery to South Korea," anyone can purchase them and get them delivered to with some risk. And that does not exclude minors.

Korea Times | Online overseas buys of illegal drugs on steep rise

Buying and selling firearms is illegal in Korea. Yet information on how to make them can be easily found online with A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH.

Korea Times | Homemade weapons just a click away

Even the Chosun has gotten in on it.

The hacker creates log-ons using the real names of about four or five people a month to post his banners, and the victims whose identities have been stolen may never know about it. These days, when anybody can find hundreds of resident registration numbers and names with A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH, it is this reporter, sadly, who is the loser in this online war.

Searching for Reason on the Internet - The Chosun Ilbo (English Edition)

Be careful out there folks. You never know what mischief a simple Google search can lead to.

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Facebook's Korean Top 10 for 2015

Like last year, Facebook has posted their "Year in Review" lists and included lists for the Top 10 Most Popular Topics in Korea, and the Top 10 Most Popular Check-in Locations for Korea.

I've translated them into English, with a bit of explanation just in case you need it. And you may also be interested in this year's top Naver searches for Korea and top Google searches for Korea.

인기 토픽 - 대한민국
Most Popular Topics - Korea

  1. 빅뱅
    Big Bang
    The popular K-pop boy group released a new album this year, their third, after a 3 year absence from the K-pop scene, and embarked on an international tour.
  2. 메이웨더 vs 파퀴아오 경기
    The Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight
  3. 11월13일 파리 테러
    11/13 Paris terror attacks
  4. 남북관계 개선
    Improvement in Inter-Korean Relations
    Reunions for family members separated by the Korean War were held this year.
  5. 2015광주유니버시아드
    2015 Gwangju Universiade
    The 2015 Summer Universiade, an international sports competition for college athletes, was held in the Korean city of Gwangju
  6. 메르스
    Korea suffered an outbreak of the virus this year, which took a bite out of tourism
  7. 폴 메카트니 서울 콘서트
    Paul McCartney Seoul Concert
    The Beatles legend performed for the first time in Korea this year, after having had to cancel his planned tour the year prior
  8. 박근혜 대통령
    President Park Geun-hye
    Various national issues, including my personal favorite the textbook controversy, made it a rough year for the President, especially after year-end protests.  
  9. 아시안컵
    Asian Cup
    The 2015 Asian Cup, a regional international football match, was held in Australia and saw the Korean national team finish in second place
  10. 광복 70주년
    Gwangbokjeol (Liberation Day) 70th Anniversary 
    This year marked the 70th Anniversary of Korean liberation from Japanese colonial rule. 

인기 장소 - 대한민국
Most Popular Places - Korea

  1. 제주도
    Korea's resort island
  2. 에버랜드
    An amusement park just outside Seoul
  3. 전주 한옥마을
    Jeonju Hanok Village
    A historical recreation site featuring traditional Korean-style housing. Popular destination for families and school field trips. 
  4. 롯데월드
    Lotte World
    An amusement park inside Seoul
  5. 동대문디자인플라자
    Dongdaemun Design Plaza
    An interesting example of modern architecture
  6. 경복궁
    A royal palace in downtown Seoul and popular tourist attraction
  7. N서울타워
    N Seoul Tower
    That big ugly tower that looms over the Seoul skyline. Seriously I don't know why people go here. 
  8. 코엑스
    COEX Convention & Exhibition Center
    Major exhibitions, shopping, and entertainment center in Gangnam, and this year was featured as one potential ISIS target.
  9. 경포대해수욕장
    Gyeongpo Beach 
    A popular resort area beach on Korea's east coast
  10. 남이섬
    Nami Island, a popular romantic nature spot just outside Seoul, and filming location for many famous Korean dramas

Sadly, no mention of "I Seoul U" on any of these lists. You can also see my post on last year's Facebook Korea Top 10 here along with 2015's top Naver searches for Korea and top Google searches for Korea

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Chrome to Phone replacement for FoxtoPhone users - Sendroid

I was very annoyed this week to discover that Google has depreciated their useful little "Chrome to Phone" extension. This was a simple tool to send links from your desktop browser to your Android phone with one click. I personally prefer Firefox over Chrome, but there was no problem thanks to the useful FoxtoPhone add-on for Firefox that sent links from Firefox to your phone through the Chrome-to-Phone app. 


So I was annoyed to see a huge "[DEPRECIATED]" notice in the title of the "Chrome to Phone" Android app. It now runs this message in both the Android app's Play Store page and the corresponding Chrome extension's page

NOTICE: Chrome to Phone is no longer supported
Chrome to Phone was launched in 2010 to help bridge your desktop and phone experience by making it easy to send Web links to your phone. Over the years, Google’s core products have evolved to be more integrated across different form factors. As of today, Chrome to Phone is deprecated. The app will continue to work until Mar 31st 2016 after which it will no longer work.

Based on the comments section for the Chrome extension, I'm not the only annoyed person out there. Google is really becoming the new Apple. I abandoned Apple precisely for its tight-fisted walled-garden approach. Anyway, their recommendation for replacement (Chrome tab sync) are utterly useless for me, a Firefox user (though let's be honest, anything that steals even more marketshare is music to their ears). Firefox also has a tab-sync feature; the trouble is I prefer Firefox on desktop and Chrome on Android. Until now, the Chrome-to-Phone/FoxtoPhone combo meant they both played nice.


But hope is not all lost. In my search for a replacement, I came across a little Firefox Add-on called Sendroid that does basically the same thing, with a partner light-weight Android app. I've been trying it out, and here's a review of what I think:


  • Image auto-download. This is a cool feature Chrome2Phone was missing. Right-clicking images in Firefox now allows me to send that image, not just the link, to my Android (well, the link gets sent, but then automatically downloaded on my phone).
  • Android share menu. I would always receive links via Chrome2Phone on Android, but not necessary want to launch them (I mean obviously I was on that page seconds before on desktop). If I sent a link to my phone, it's usually because I intended to send it, either to Keep or to a KakaoTalk chat-room. Sendroid automatically gives me that ability without having to swipe away the notification and open the app (as I had to do with Chrome2Phone)
  • No log-in. Obviously FoxtoPhone needed access to my Google account to send via the Chrome2Phone protocol. Sendroid just uses a unique registration code your phone generates when first installing. Just copy the code to the Firefox extension once, and you're set.
  • Multiple receivers. This is a biggie. I usually used Fox2Phone to send links to my Android, which I'd then send to a friend on Kakao. Sendroid cuts out the middle-man: if he/she also has the light Sendroid app, I can send it right to them directly. 


  • No history. Chrome2Phone would save a list of all the links/text it had received. Good for links I sent, swiped away, then wanted to consult later. Sendroid has no such history.
  • No link launching. This is a bit annoying. Sometimes when I send a link, I do want to launch it in the Android browser. There seems no option for this: you share the link to an installed app. That's it. And neither mobile Chrome nor the stock browser are in the Android share menu. 
    EDIT: I was mistaken. When the notification shade is filled with lots of other items, the Sendroid notification contracts to a smaller size, like do many other notifications, which allows only for a single tap, which opens the Share menu. However if your notification shade is basically empty, it will expand to allow either sharing, copying the link, or launching the link. Here are the two states of the notification you receive:

For now until that March 31st deadline, I'll continue to use Fox2Phone alongside Sendroid. Who knows, maybe the FoxtoPhone developer will come-up with a workaround. I do find it a bit weird that Sendoid has so few users (12 reviews on Google Play, 100~500 installs, 37 users on Chrome, 62 users on Firefox as of today) but I will chalk it up to "Chrome to Phone" having been an official Google-branded product. I wouldn't have even thought of trying Sendroid either, until now anyway.

I do wonder how much longer the Blogger service will up and running. Every time I log-in to this blog, I hold my breath in fear of a giant "DEPRECIATED" across the screen. Google, I want to love you, I want to use your services, but you make it hard to love you. Don't send me into the arms of Wordpress 

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