Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Some Naver Dictionary humor

Naver Dictionary draws on many sources, usually legitimate, for both its Korean and English definitions. But a friend pointed out to me that Urban Dictionary is one of those sources. So you can search for all sorts of dirty things and get results right alongside other more tame definitions.

Here's an example search for a "Cleveland Steamer."
'Cleveland Steamer' 의 검색결과 : 네이버 영어사전

Naver Dictionary results include Urban Dictionary definitions. Image: Naver

What seemed interesting was the "Related Meanings" section on the right which included a Wikipedia link to "corprophilia" (love of poop, but you knew that already). It's likely just getting that automatically from Wikipedia, since doing a Naver Knowledge search for this term brings up the Wiki article for Coprophilia which itself includes the term.

It even cites a "real usage" of the term from an ancient 2008 comment on a BoingBoing post:

Wigwam Jones says:
September 26, 2008 at 11:45 am
Guy was into Cleveland Steamers. Then he gave himself a Filthy Sanchez and fled into the woods, screaming.
[Wade Davis: an Inuit elder and his shit knife / Boing Boing]

Fascinating stuff, for sure. I'm actually not against including Urban Dictionary content here, although the average Korean might have to translate the definition. Still they'd get an idea of what a phrase means. I do that myself sometimes on WikiTree, with a grain of salt of course.

By the way, Naver has its own Open Dictionary. It's mildly similar to Urban Dictionary but vastly less vulgar. Although also vastly more cheesy. I think some people are just making up words to define just to boost their own ratings.

I mean who is going around saying "clawsome," which it claims is "cool + awesome"?

Image: clawsome : 네이버 영어사전

The example sentences they give for it are even funnier.

That movie was clawesome!
Your girlfriend was clawsome!
It is clawsome to go to swimming pool.
My car is clawsome!

Maybe winning a prize out of one of those claw machines could be "clawsome" but I sure wouldn't call someone's girlfriend clawsome, unless I was Pierce Brosnan from this Bond scene.

Or maybe I'm just some old fogey, because it does appear on Urban Dictionary. It also seems to be the name of a K-pop dance cover group, "Dance Team Clawsome" (댄스팀 클라썸). You can oogle them at their Facebook 여성댄스팀 클라썸 - Clawsome. Looks like another Waveya knockoff.

Thanks for reading. Have a clawsome day.

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