Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ma Dong-Seok parody bleach commercial

This was too funny not to share. One of my favorite actors, Ma Dong-seok (마동석), was in a commercial promoting a bleach product.

Ma Dongseok suggests the powerful punch of Yuhan-Clorox. Image: 파란쥐의 빌레쿨라

The shtick is that the product is as powerful as Ma, who is a bulky guy and typically plays a gangster role. As a result of his typical genre, there is a lot of dialog out there of him threatening, abusing, and generally saying some not-so-nice things in Korean.

So of course, some clever netizen spliced together bits of lines from his movies into the original commercial, turning it into a shocking NSFW (unless you use headphones) insult-fest. If you've got the sense of humor of a middle school boy, get ready to laugh as he minces no words about how feels about you using this product.

I won't bother explaining it all. If you've spent any time in Korea, you'll get the gist of it. Google some Korean curse words if you're really lost.

One thing I like about this, beyond the 초딩 humor, is that it really illustrates an idea I had the other day: that Korean curse words deliver the most "bite" when spoken very condescendingly, emphasizing the speaker's looking down on you, rather than just screamed. But I'm not a native Korean so don't take my word for it.

Anyway, you may notice Ma from any of his wide variety of films, probably "Train to Busan" being the latest, where he's a tough guy with a soft heart. He also makes a cameo in "Veteran". Both are great movies. I even liked "Midnight FM." I haven't seen all his movies but chances are if he's in it, it's decent.

Note: This video is an extract from a longer series of clips at  지노HighlightTV - YouTube

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