Korean beach opening days 2018

KakaoMap released this nice infographic showing the official opening days of beaches throughout Korea for the 2018 season.

KakaoMap's beach opening days, 2018

They're promoting their new "theme map" feature which lets you search the KakaoMap app for special themed events. For this summer promotion it will highlight the best beaches and show you information on them and how to get there. Be sure to stock up on Ryan themed beach accessories.

You can also get more info here:
Beaches now Open Nationwide for Water Activities | Official Korea Tourism Organization

And on a related note:
Hangang Park Outdoor Swimming Pools Open for the Summer | Official Korea Tourism Organization

Personally, I don't hit up the beach that often. I'm not exactly the beach bod type. But I definitely work on my gut at these types of events:
Drink up at Korea’s Summer Beer Festivals | Official Korea Tourism Organization