Monday, September 10, 2018

Banking Tip: change password to keep Korean account active

Since my shtick here is offering tips, here's a useful one that popped up in my feed last week I felt deserves some more attention. This from KEB Hana Bank Facebook page.

Our online banking system suspends your online transfer service if you do not make any online transfers for 12 months. You can prevent this service blockage by just logging into your Internet Banking and changing your log-in "User" password.

The date you change your User password will count as the "most recent transfer." This simple move can save you a trip to a branch to lift the suspension. This is quite useful for expats leaving Korea who want to keep using Internet Banking.

Go to: > My Hana > Banking Information Management > Register/Modify Password > Change USER Password.

< Banking Tip > Our online banking... - KEB Hana Bank for Expats | Facebook

Probably the same for other banks too. Perfect if you're leaving Korea for an extended amount of time but need to keep your bank account active.

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