Naver Whale browser gets full dark mode

Naver's Whale browser (네이버 웨일) has had a "dark mode" (다크모드) setting for awhile now, but after a recent update (Nov 2019), the browser can also apply the dark mode browser-wide including webpages, not just limited to the browser interface.

Here's a few samples of how it looks, with Whale's dark stylesheet applied to a few sites:

Naver Whale dark mode on

Naver Whale dark mode on

Naver Whale dark mode on popular website 10원 Tips

As you can see, it does a pretty good job of darkening background content, lightening text, while keeping images untouched.

To enable it in Whale, go to your settings and find the two toggle switches, one for the interface dark mode, and the other for applying the dark mode to web pages. All of this (like the rest of Whale) can be done in English.

Naver Whale browser dark mode settings

If you're using Whale right now, just click here: whale://settings/skin

You could always try a user stylesheet to make websites dark, but it could be nice to just let Naver take care of maintaining it, instead of relying on a user to make updates. 

The Whale mobile app has a dark mode also, but as far as I know, making webpages themselves dark hasn't been implemented yet.