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Dirty Craigslist listings in Seoul etc

Curiously I went browsing the "etc" section in the jobs category of Craigslist listings for Seoul. Naively I didn't think about the fact that what some might consider as "jobs" I would consider "illegal" or "belonging in the personals section."

Here are some of the gems I came across (no pun intended).

Oh my...

let me touch you make you cum you dont have to do anything. I can host. email me with your pics. 20~35 only please.
 - any masculine needs money? m4m only. (shinchon)

We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other's happiness, not by each other's misery. (Charlie Chaplin)
No one can live alone and people live helping each other. We are living in a society where we have to help each other. I think there's a way we can help each other. Have you ever heard of sugar daddy or sponsor ? ? Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.
 - I think there's a way we can help each other. (Seoul)

Do you know sugar daddy or sponsor? Single guy interested in a student or just regular girl open to a mutual benefit arrangement with no drama or games. If you are 19-27 and fun, reliable and sweet, let's meet regularly and let's help each other out. I know Seoul is an expensive place and there is always something coming up. I'm a nice guy to be trusted. I am professional, educated and generous. We can help each other discreetly. I am interested in this if we can make it classy and discreet. A few pictures of you would be a great way to start.
Interested in Sponsorship relation ? (Seoul)

I am older easy going guy, I just want to get together with ONE girl for an ongoing arrangement with no drama or games. I am not into doing drugs or anything weird. I am just too busy at work for traditional dating and I would like the chance to start up a SUGAR DADDY or SPONSOR type arrangement with financial assistance to the right individual. Hopefully this will meet both our needs. If you are: In your 19's to 28's, Easy going personality. Let's see if we can set up this type of arrangement.
Beneficial arrangement, sugar daddy or sponsor type thing. (Seoul)

Looking for a massager who has a good mind and slender body. We hire Asians, Caucasians and Brunette females. You could offer special genuine massage for my verified customers. You will get paid 60,000 won per 30 minutes. 80,000 won per 60 minutes. Tip could be usually much more than your hourly pay. Support Accommodations. No experience is required.
A good massagers needed
Incall Service
We are looking for sweet, attractive, sensual girls of all ethnic backgrounds, blondes, brunettes, asians, etc. (FEMALE ONLY) We pay you 90000~120,000 won per hour. No Experience Necessary Our hours are from 1pm to 4am Please serious inquiries only.
A good agents needed

Good to know that no experience is necessary for most of these listings. I went to other cities' "etc" pages to compare, and good lord, Seoul's is tame compared to others. 

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Kakao Navi alerts you when emergency vehicles are approaching

This is a neat implementation. Users of Kakao Navi, the turn-by-turn smartphone navigation app, will now get pop-up alerts warning them real-time of upcoming accidents and re-route users around them if possible to avoid congestion and danger. Plus, if a fire engine or emergency vehicle is approaching, the system detects those drivers who are near its path and will warn you so you can pull over or get out of the way, buying the victim inside precious moments.

Sample pop-up warning of dispatched emergency vehicle

We've all seen the congestion ambulances and the like get stuck in. And the unfortunate reality of what happens when they try to break traffic law to improve patient outcome. Not only might this encourage some drivers to make space, but I admit I've been surprised to find ambulances right on my tail before I even notice, with all the traffic and noise we're usually stuck in. Neat idea and I hope they keep up this kind of useful data system.

Right now it's just functioning on the Gyeonggi Expressway but will expand soon.

Sources: ZDnet Korea, Kakao

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Woori Card system suspension February 15-18, 2018

Heads up: Woori Bank customers, you won't be able to take out ATM cash during Lunar Near Year, February 15-18, 2018. Looks like credit cards will work still.

Woori Card suspension notice

Hat tip to Jiho Park. Original Korean post here:

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Hana Bank SWIFT code now same as KEB

Just a quick reminder: if you were a Hana Bank customer before it merged with KEB, your old bank routing code will no longer function.

KEB customers (including me) got an email (in Korean) about this a few weeks ago. The old Hana bank SWIFT code HNBNKRSE will no longer work. Use the KEB one:


You can find the full text of the email here: "KEB하나은행 SWIFT BIC 코드 안내" > 새소식(상세내용) < 새소식/이벤트 < KEB하나은행

KEB warned us about this over a year ago in English though. But might want to double check your accounts if you had money regularly coming in.

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Links for Dec 2017 - Jan 2018

It's time for another link round-up. I got delayed from Christmas and New Year and trying to catch up on stuff at work. I've taken some new responsibilities so I get less time to goof off there. Anyway here are my picks for interesting or noteworthy links for the last couple of months. Yes I know January isn't done but whatever.

Links for December 2017 - January 2018

Top Story

It's finally happening. After Kakao already launched their English mapping service, Naver is finally going to release their own multi-lingual service. Hope the whole UI gets a refresh too, and it'd be nice if the desktop version got this too. Kakao's English mapping only works in the mobile app. I've noticed though that Google is improving a lot of their English placenames for Korea, slyly through the Local Guides it seems.

I think we're also seeing some of the reason the government didn't want to release detailed map data to Google. Yes, there's the blurring of "sensitive" sites. But I suspect that high-detail map data is more valuable domestically for testing autonomous cars. Korean conglomerates already compete with Google now in phones (Samsung vs. Pixel), streaming video (Naver V / TVcast vs. YouTube), and now cars (Hyundai vs Waymo). See:

Anyway don't take my word for it. Bring on more links.

Tech Stuff

This Korean Life

End of Year Lists You Might Have Missed (Goodbye 2017)



Thanks for reading. See you next month.

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