Tuesday, March 10, 2015

RSS feeds for Facebook Pages & Groups

Update: 10 March 2015
Facebook has depreciated their RSS feeds. At the moment, the below RSS feeds are still returning updated results in my feed reader, even though if I visit the feed page itself Facebook redirects me to a Facebook-branded "Page Not Found" screen. Just copy/paste the feed URL into your feed reader and it should work. Apparently this is just temporary though, and you'll need API access soon. Boo! You suck Facebook!

A very nice alternative I've been using is Wallflux, which generates RSS feeds for you, based on Facebook Pages and Groups, without needing to sign-up. Very nice! Give them a try. 

I'll keep the below information here for history's sake, but remember that sometime very soon, it will no longer work. 


Facebook Pages have RSS feeds available for all their wall content posted by the admin. The feed URL follows this form, where XXXXXXXXXX is the Facebook I.D. number for the page:


Here is an example of a real Facebook Page RSS feed, this one for George Takei's wall:

Finding the Facebook ID number of a page is actually quite easy.

Here's the normal URL for George Takai's page:

Replace the "www" in the URL with "graph" like so:

You'll see a code page that looks like this:

You can see the Facebook I.D. number for the page right there in the first line. Just use that ID number in the RSS URL.

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