Saturday, September 19, 2015

Download videos from Naver "V" app

--- UPDATE 3
Here are more sites/tools for downloading Naver V videos.

--- UPDATE 2
I wrote a post with instructions on how to download Naver V videos and subtitles manually, using only Chrome:
🔗 10원 Tips: Download subtitles from Naver V

--- UPDATE 1
On Android, you can use an app called "Stellar Browser." See my post about it:.
🔗 10원 Tips: Download videos from Naver "V" app on Android phones

Thanks to the many readers who contributed tips about these sites.

Original post begins below.

Naver V live TV, styled simply as V, is a popular new app among K-pop fans for watching live video-blogs from their favorite K-pop artists and idols. If you're ever used Twitter's live-vlog app Periscope, then the idea and the interface will already be familiar to you. They broadcast from backstage or dressing rooms or just having random fun, you get an alert on your phone, and you and the other fans open up, watch the video live, and can type public questions in addition to sending them "hearts". It does bring a degree of intimacy and the "live" nature of the broadcast is fun, but once the broadcast is done, it's saved and you can rewatch at any time.

Promo for V

Of course, one of the most popular questions to this blog lately has been "How can we download the videos from Naver V?" Well, don't worry K-pop fans. Reader Laila Nafisatun came through to help you out, by suggesting this online tool:

✌️ Naver Downloader ✌️


With this online tool, you can download any "V" video you want, simply by copy/pasting the link. In fact, they already have some of the most popular videos already listed, ready for simple download. Best of all, you can download the videos in a variety of sizes/resolutions, so you crazy fans who need every K-pop video in 1080p eye-bleeding clarity, your day is here!

In the example above, I just pasted the URL ( for a video of hot girl group 4minute on their way to a fan meeting. Just right-click and "Save as..." to download. If that doesn't work, just click them, and when the video loads in your browser, right-click the video and "Save as..." as I've shown below:

Ta da. Super simple.


Note that this site also checks the video for subtitles, and lets you download the subtitle file directly and in any languages that are available. That 4minute video from above, as you can see, did not include any subs, but here is one that does:

You may run into a problem with the subtitles. That's because Naver "V" videos use a special new HTML5 format for subs called WebVTT. So your subtitle file will be a .vtt file that, as far I can tell, is unsupported by most desktop video playing apps. To use the file, you will need to convert it to a more common format, such as .srt. You can do this manually with the find-replace function on any text editor, or try a subtitle converter application, such as this or this.

UPDATE : As you can see below, Soshistagram now includes an option to download subtitles in .SRT format. Seriously, show some love for Soshistagram.

Final thoughts

Overall, the Soshistagram tool works great. The V site prevents you from accessing the streams directly from desktop. I had tried a couple of user-agent-spoofing extensions with not much luck. This tool seems to get the links for the streams and provide them directly. That's good, because trying to right-click and "Save as..." from the links only downloads the .m3u8 playlist file, but you need the access code in the URL to get the stream working, so the playlist file is useless itself.

For more on Naver V, check it out on Android here or iTunes here.

Thanks to Soshistagram (SOSHI + Instagram ... SOSHI = So-Nyeo-Shi-Dae = 소녀시대 = "Girls Generation") for providing this highly-desired feature. And if you know of any other similar tools, let me know in the comments.

Happy downloading.


  1. Hello! I was already aware about the useful website and actually came here to find any more information about merging the two files together? I'm currently using Mac OS X which probably explains it doesn't support this model - if this is the case, please let me know. Thank you very much ♥

    1. First you'll need to convert the subtitles. Look for a Mac app or online service to convert them, from . VTT to .SRT. Then you can play both video and subtitles in any normal video player.

  2. when i want to download, why the page is error? it written

    Deadline exceeded while waiting for HTTP response.

    Please try again 10 minutes later."